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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”
Albert Einstein

EWD is an exceptional company that can dream, design, and deliver awe-inspiring masterpieces and amazing experiences.
We simply hit a grand slam in making the world come alive. We create real products for real businesses and real people. Essential to our process is our capability to adapt and generate ideas to accomplish our customer’s desires in a creative and unique way. Our team works united, ensuring the project’s success and sustainability.


Succeeding on the web
is more than developing a website;
it’s about understanding your customers needs.


Visual storytelling will help engage
your visitors. We are taking
a storytelling approach to
displaying the best you have to offer.


We generate creative processes
through which goods and services
move from concept to the customer.


Our unique products make the difference
in the market and that is what attracts
and retains our customers.
Branding is what we are.

Good Design is Good Business

Design is a method of problem solving. Design is so many things, executed in many different ways, but the function is always the same: makes a brand useful, makes a brand understandable, is aesthetic, innovative and long-lasting. Good design can’t be achieved with glossy paper or a masterful website alone. It’s a merger of all these principles into something that is meaningful. Your brand already has content for a great story.

Let us bring it to life.


We tackle a broad variety of disciplines in the process of creating meaningful, unique and brilliant branding for your business.
01. Research
Competitors to selling points
We want to learn about your brand inside and out. Educating ourselves about your brand goals and unique assets will help us better position your brand against your competitors. We take everything we’ve learned about you, combined with our research to pinpoint a target audience, discover new brand opportunities and position the brand accordingly.
02. Ideas
Generating the best Ideas
The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas. We take the time to listen to your vision for the brand. Story boards will be created to visually display who you want to be and how we can bring everything to life through the design process.
03. Design
The Exciting Part
Based on all our conversations and work together we will unleash all our creative momentum to create your visual branding. Through our design process we will present our design concepts, gather feedback and finalize creative content.
04. Deliver
Execute and manage
Once you have approved your final design we will roll everything to print or roll your design out to the world live and online. We are dedicated to our clients and want to see your brand thrive on all areas of your business. We are available to continue to moving forward with you to keep the brand experience consistent across all touchpoints, from online to collateral marketing items.

What our Clients Say

"I was very pleased with the website that Emily developed for MORE, Inc. She is creative and well versed in the resources that are available for website development. She was able to take the information that I wanted to convey and put it into an inviting and informative format. We immediately saw a rise in our internet traffic for both potential customers and employees. Well done!"

Modular Office Renovation Experts, Inc.

Mike Whilhem - CEO & Owner
"Emily was extremely professional and very helpful in developing a website for The Bauen Corporation. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to present a polished corporate image in their website."

Bauen Corporation

Alan Sowers - Owner & CEO

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